Infokom GmbH

Infokom is an innovative company from the IT industry and has extensive experience in the field of IT applications and infrastructures. The company has been successful for more than 20 years in the market and focuses on IT-system solutions for the healthcare industry. Infokom also serves as a competent partner in data privacy and data protection for a number of medical institutions.

In the national and international scale, the company has built up an expertise in:


  • Complex solutions for practise management systems of registered doctors,
  • Development and exploitation of medical data base systems with a highest-level security standard (end2end encryption),
  • Applications (Apps), Smartphone-based Solutions for the monitoring and self-management  for patients and nursing staff (self-monitoring)
  • Development and implementation of interfaces in the health sector  supporting international standards (HIS)
  • Integration of structured communication services in health solutions,
  • Development and exploitation of various data bases based on online web-portals (web, e-learning, e-questionnaire) with automated evaluation routinesand  access to administrative systems.

Infokom collaborates with medical partners from research institutions, universities, practices in various Networks  and has rich experience in national and international projects


The company has also a number of international co-operations and customers , especially  in the Arab region (Middle East), USA, Hong Kong, China and has experience  in acquisition, planning and implementation of international pilot projects in the health field.

Infokom works on the basis of the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008.




I invite you to visit also our company website and get informed about other  Infokom’s products and projects.