How does mDiab work?

The following illustrations and explanation give you an insight into the functionality and how the mDiab apps works. For detailed information and instructions, Quick Guides which are adjusted for each version are available.

Please note that not all functions described here are available in the versions mDiab and mDiab Lite. To know which function is available in which app version, see mDiab Versions.



Better simple, simply better!

A simple and intuitive user interface with four main components.

  • input
  • Output
  • Communication and
  • Tools

The little guys help you easily navigate trough the menu










Inputs at glance

By entering your diabetes data, you can make default settings or use the assistant (wizard). In addition, you can enter values ​​for blood pressure, weight and height, and information to physical exercises/sport. Another feature is capturing photos for documentation purposes.


Enter Diabetes Data – Save time with preset data

The input of the diabetes data is quickly and easily made through the input screen shown here. You have the ability to store recurring entries in the wizard. The data preset here will help you accelerate the input process in the assistant (wizard).










He knows you!

For convenient handling, an assistant was integrated for the input. The Wizard knows thanks the presetting that e.g. at 7.00 AM in the morning you are probably just shortly before breakfast, and how much bread units (BU) you usually take. Of course, you always have the possibility of making changes.


Values at a glance – long-term effects minimized

There is a number of long-term effects that can be strongly minimized  by adapting your lifestyle and following a good therapy. To control your success mDiab provides you with several functions. You can track your body weight and blood pressure and take pictures. Images  are  very important especially for the documentation of the diabetic feet and wound healing process.










Insulin und orale anti-diabetic

You have the ability to choose the tablets and insulin that you take with a click on medication list. The procedure for selecting tablets and insulin is the same. For the tablets, not the products names are specified, but the active ingredients. Which active ingredient  is used in your product, check this on the packing and package leaflet of your tablets



Your Toolbox

The Toolbox will help to personalize your mDiab by setting preferred units and limit values for Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia alerts . The medication list facilitates the choice of your prescribed medications. A reminder, a BMI calculator and an insulin calculator are further functions of the application










Communication and Network

There are possibilities for communication and links to websites of the Infokom GmbH and mDiab through this menu item.

You’ll also find here your mailbox with incoming and outgoing messages from your authorized doctors or other medical providers