Diverse evaluations for individual requirements

mDiab provides various evaluation options. From the classic diary up to the graphic visualization. All evaluations and reports can be generated and sent via email or can be print out as a PDF document. The photo gallery also  belongs to the evaluation, based on captured images the documentation of e.g. diabetes feet or successful treatment of wound can be achieved.










Your day at a glance

The diary gives you an overview of your day. Included are all the entered values ​​such as:

  • Blood sugar
  • Insulin
  • Tablets
  • Bread units/Carbohydrate unit (nutrition information)
  • Motion/Physical exercises
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body weight
  • Body size


Calculate yourself? Bye Bye calculators!

Here you can see the corresponding diagrams of the diary. They provide detailed information about your blood sugar levels, the drug taken and the nutrition information for one day. Of course you can also scroll  to other days.










Graphics for better understanding!

In statistics, you will find different graphical representations of your diabetic values ​​and possible trends. Values, trends and deviations are clearly represented as pie charts and line charts.