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Mobil Diab ® is a modern and innovative solution in the treatment of diabetes, supporting the care and treatment of diabetic patients. Its aims are to motivate you to get directly involved and actively participate in your treatment.

You are the center focus, cooperating with your doctor.

Mobil Diab ® System enables an interactive communication between doctor and patient. Patients manage an electronic diary, in which they continuously enter their control data (glucose readings, medication, nutrition, exercise, …) This data is made available to the doctor, who is then able to monitor the patient independently in a separate location.

The doctor is now able to adjust the treatment at any time, intervene if necessary and provide his patient with relevant information. This provides the patient with the optimum level of insulin and guarantees a positive treatment process.


Mobil Diab ® gives diabetic patients the opportunity to manage their control-data 24/7. This data is automatically synchronized with the MobilDiab platform. In case of an emergency the doctor in charge will have the relevant data to hand immediately.

Features of the  Mobil Diab ®:

  •  mDiab app runs on Smartphones (or other mobile devices)
  • direct, secure, encrypted data transfer to the doctor
  •  Diary for continuous recording of control data
  •  measuring devices are connected via Bluetooth
  •  synchronization with the MobilDiab platform regardless of time and location
  •  Reminder function through the system feedback and messages from the doctor, adjustment of the therapy at any time possible
  • Multilangual
  •  Intuitive user interface
  • • software is compatible with all devices and manufacturers (iOS and Android), no additional software required


Diabetes Diary Vs. Mobil Diab ® Diabetes Management System

Are you keeping track of your blood glucose levels? Even if you are one of those diabetes patients who keeps a diary, do you have an overview of your values?

mDiab enables you to quickly, reliably and comfortably gain an overview of your values.


  • results presented visually
  • warnings  issued if  hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia is detected
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly views
  • Entry of additional data, i.e. exercise, nutrition and comments can help  to detect reasons for changes in your health

The overview of your values ​​enables the doctor to optimally adapt your treatment.


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