Mobil Diab ®, a complete solution for doctors, hospitals and nursing services


Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Mobil Diab ® as diabetes management system is an important step towards quality improvement and customer satisfaction. A facilitation of work during medical check-ups, home visits, or nursing service at home. Customers satisfaction by reducing the administrative burden, but more time for individual support. The patient or his supervisor manages an electronic diary in the form of mDiab app (on smart phones or other devices), he enters regularly monitoring data and makes them available to the physician.

Reducing costs by improving the quality

The diabetes management system  Mobil Diab ® opens possibilities of telemedicine and helps improve the quality of diabetes treatment while decreasing the related costs. Studies have shown that well-controlled diabetes patients result in substantially lower costs than poorly controlled patients. Moreover, the risks of long-term effects are reduced (amputations, blindness, etc.) considerably.

Needs of a diabetes management system

The number of diabetics in the past 20 years has increased from about 30 million worldwide to 230 million people. For the next 20 years this number is predicted to increase to 350 million people. Every 10 seconds a diabetic dies of his illness.


Mobil Diab ® System – Online applications and diabetes management app mDiab


The Mobil Diab ® System system consists of a Smartphone app and online web applications. Diabetes patients send data using the Smartphone app mDiab Pro to the platform. The Mobil Diab ® platform is responsible for a secure data communication and data storage, a flexible user management and support of standard protocols.



Patients have the ability to visualize their data, therapy plans and messages on the Smartphone or via a secure Patient Portal. Authorized doctors get access to the Doctor Portal, which is incorporated into the practice management system, to be able to analyze patients’ data and interact with them independently of time and location. The hospital Portal is responsible for the administration of patients and physicians belonging to one hospital and the Administration Portal serves as a tool for managing multiple hospitals. All connections run through the Mobil Diab platform.

Secure network, flexible use – Mobil Diab ® – The Diabetes Management System

The Smartphone App is responsible for the encryption and transfer of data to the  Mobil Diab ® platform. This platform ensures then a secure transmission of data to the practice management system of the treating physician.

The patient keeps control over all his data.

He determines whether and which doctor should get access to his data. A wide range of tools is made available to the doctor for a quick analysis and semi-automated evaluation. He has the possibility to send encrypted messages to his patients on their smart phones through the system.  This way, he can adapt the treatment therapy at any time.