Type 1 Diabetes

The diagnoses of type one diabetes occurs early in life, maybe even as early as childhood or youth. This means the symptoms may be with a person for a long time and therefore increases the risk of secondary health issues. The cause of diabetes is  a total deficiency of insulin, meaning that in most cases insulin levels must be controlled.


Having to inject insulin for the rest of my life, I want the highest level of convenience and support, whilst taking up as little time as possible.


It is imperative to have an optimised diabetes management system, especially if you have to live with this illness for a long time. Managing diabetes effectively ensures the best possible fine tuning of the treatment. This leads to an immediate increase in quality of life and prevents long-term secondary effects.

MDiab is a clever and innovative solution for the management of diabetes.

""mDiab accompanies you in everyday life. It takes the work off your hands, supports you and manages your control-data. And you? ...You enjoy your life!"
Sebastian , employee, Infokom GmbH