there are Four diabetes types, Several therapy options, and numerous People with Diabetes.

And there is one innovative solution for Diabetes Management: mDiab

People with Diabetes Type 1

Type 1 diabetes often occurs before the age of 40 years whereby, the beginning of the disease is usually very dramatic. Most diabetics with type 1 have a normal weight. Most of the times, you lose weight at the beginning of the disease even though your nutrition is normal. You are exhausted, tired, thirsty and have to go to the toilet very often. The reason for the disease here is an absolute insulin deficiency.

Treatment: type 1 diabetics are almost always treated with insulin

People with Diabetes Type 2

Ill due to a relative insulin deficiency, ie that even though insulin is produced, but it does not act properly where it is supposed to act. Type 2 diabetics are often (but  not always) overweight and  suffer mostly from metabolic syndrome, metabolic disorder with high blood fat and high blood pressure. Type 2 diabetic experiences its begin  slowly, so the disease is often diagnosed after several  years .
Therapy : For the type 2 diabetes the lifestyle change  is often the first treatment goal. It includes often a proper diet, exercise and weight loss. Particularly for obese diabetics, this first goal of treatment should be focused. In case this is not enough, or the patient is not able to change his lifestyle , a drug treatment with oral tablets or insulin is added.

People with Diabetes Type 3

The group of type 3 diabetes includes diabetics whose disease is caused by various genetic defects, diseases of the pancreas, infectious diseases or induction by chemicals or drugs.

There are as much as therapy possibilities as they exist the causes for this type 3. Some type 3 diabetics must inject insulin, other takes tablets or both options are combined.


People with Diabetes Type 4

Type 4 diabetics are always diabetics women, because it is gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy). With a probability of 1-5%  a  woman  has a type 4 diabetes during pregnancy and often after childbirth  this disappears completely. Nevertheless, statistically  the risk  in this case to get later a type 2 diabetes is increased.

Again, there are several forms of therapy. Some pregnant  mothers can handle this diabetes with a customized diet and exercise s, others take oral tablets, and others must inject insulin for the duration of their pregnancy.


 Individual settings for the individual life style


All diabetics need to pay attention to an appropriate diet and physical activity and should control  regularly their weight, blood sugar and blood pressure. Here, the mDiab app is particularly helpful.
If the oral tablets should be taken or insulin  must be injected, the app also records these values​​.
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